“The finished mural is a delight to all and has been much admired. I thoroughly recommend Rory for this type of project” – Lynne Rathmell, Headteacher at Coleham Primary School.

Rory has painted murals in schools, hostels, hospices, marinas, libraries and office entrances all over the world. His murals have ranged in size from 2 metres squared to 150 metres squared. Through his mural projects, Rory hopes to inspire people to be more creative and to take a greater interest in the natural world. Whether with young people or adults, Rory’s mural projects have invariably created a great deal of excitement.

“I would recommend Rory to anyone who is looking for an inspirational person to motivate children and adults to achieve their best” – Peter Rickard, Headteacher at Radbrook Primary School.

rory mccann mural

2 thoughts on “Home

  1. I have seen the two murals Rory has done at JCG in Jersey and they are truly amazing. You are an inspiration to both children and adults alike

  2. Rory painted several murals at hope house hospice, the speed at which he produced such beautiful and stimulating artwork for the children was astounding. Thank you so much! Nurse Alex

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