About Rory

I grew up in a family of zoologists and adventurers, which instilled in me a great love of nature and the outdoors. But at age 8, I fell ill with Arthritis and, unable to be nearly as active as I’d once been, I developed a keen interest in drawing.

For many years, drawing was just a hobby, while I developed my career as a scientist and conservationist. However, 10 years ago, I finally decided to take a leap of faith and try my hand at making a living through my artwork. I’d never expected that mural painting would end up being my main artistic pursuit – but it has and I love it! I love the excitement of working on a massive scale and the potential it lends to inspiring and engaging with people in the process.

I’ve now painte
well over 100 murals in schools, hospitals, community areas, wildlife reserves and peoples own homes. My murals aim to show the great beauty of the natural world. It is my hope, that through my murals, I can engage a greater interest in wildlife and the outdoors and a greater inclination for people to care about and look after this most magical world.

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