My name is Rory McCann and I am a mural artist, working in schools, hospitals, businesses and peoples own homes. I believe that painting on a big scale is a great way to captivate, engage and inspire people. I believe in using my art to make indoors and outdoors spaces more uplifting and exciting. And I believe in using my art to help people to feel more connected with the world around them. I welcome people watching, chatting and getting involved while I paint, as I feel that the process of watching a mural come to life is as significant as the outcome itself.

I have worked all of the UK and abroad, in such places as Japan, Oman, Uzbekistan, Russia, and the Seychelles, all with the aim of using art to make lives better. 

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4 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. It’s not the number of breaths we take, but the moments that take our breath away……..
    Thank you for taking my breath away!….. your work is truly beautiful x

  2. You painted a wonderful mural for Prestfelde school for all to enjoy, but more notably you really inspired the children who were fascinated to watch you create such a beautiful piece! We are staying on Skomer in a few weeks and eagerly await seeing your mural there.

  3. Rory has done two beautiful murals for our daughters nursery. I can’t wait to teach her about the world and it’s fascinatingwildlifez using the murals to inspire her interest and imagination. Rory is such athletes artist and dedicated conservationist I am proud to have his work in my home

  4. Rory it was a pleasure to meet you at Longden School this morning; after my son Richard had insisted I came to see the “most wonderful painting he’d ever seen”. Having seen it for myself I can now understand why every night this week I have had to physically remove the crayons from his hand before I could get him into bed!! Inspirational stuff, thank you.

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