Rory McCannMy name is Rory McCann. I’ve been working as a mural artist for 4 years and have painted over 80 murals in that time. I’ve worked widely throughout the UK and overseas in Oman, the Seychelles, Japan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Russia and Jersey.

My murals have been painted in schools, hostels, hospitals, hospices and homes. Through my work I hope to Inspire a greater interest in the great wonders of our world and to Enrich peoples lives by bringing the world to them through my art.

Storybook Mural by Rory McCann from Rory McCann on Vimeo.

Russia Mural Project from Rory McCann on Vimeo. Funded by the Saiga Conservation Alliance, the Wildlife Conservation Network  and the World Wildlife Fund (Russia).

Skomer Island Mural from Rory McCann on Vimeo. Funded by the Wildlife Trust of South and West Wales.

Mural project in Uzbekistan, funded by Disney Coins for Change in partnership with the Saiga Conservation Alliance:

2 thoughts on “Murals

  1. It’s not the number of breaths we take, but the moments that take our breath away……..
    Thank you for taking my breath away!….. your work is truly beautiful x

  2. You painted a wonderful mural for Prestfelde school for all to enjoy, but more notably you really inspired the children who were fascinated to watch you create such a beautiful piece! We are staying on Skomer in a few weeks and eagerly await seeing your mural there.

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